Christian Bale: Rant in F minor


"Pet Sounds" a cappella.

Paul Stanley's "People, Let Me Get This Off My Chest."

David Lee Roth's turn on "Running With The Devil," sans music.

These are the elder statesmen of great vocal performances repurposed into something new. And into these Elysian halls, we can now add Christian Bale: Rant in F Minor.

Here's what we know-- during the filming of "Terminator: Salvation," some poor schmuck of a director of photography bumbled his way on set, caught Bale's eye during a take, and, in so doing, tied Bale's knickers in a knot.

A protracted outburst ensued, as deep-rooted as an infant's crying jag. Between fits of screaming and threats of violence, the meek, unimpressed DP can be heard leisurely attempting to reason with the inconsolable Bale.

Bale is no stranger to confrontation. In 2008, he turned himself in after several hours spent on the lam in The UK, and plead guilty to three charges of raising his voice at his mother, a gross misdemeanor that carries a sentence of several months in the Tower of London.

So, in light of his fragile temperament, deep sense of entitlement and tireless work on behalf of over-exposed crybabies everywhere, Gimme Noise proudly presents Christian Bale with this picture of James Van Der Beek.