Chris Brown releases apology video


It the lawyers that kept him from apologizing sooner, guys. You can stop being mad at him now.

Yesterday, a somber, long-faced Chris Brown released an official apology video on his Youtube channel, in which he insists that the apology would have come sooner, had his attorneys not held him back. In the two minute video, Brown does his damndest to be sincere and shame-faced without mentioning Rhianna or the word "pimp-slap."

We won't fault him for attempting reparations. Given his celebrity and the visibility of his "incident" (that's the euphemism Brown, or rather Brown's attorneys, use in the video), he's nigh obligated to make some public statement.

But the sincerity of his remorse is damaged by the painful script, the precisely rehearsed cadence, and, oh, the fact that the video was released within 2 weeks of his formal sentencing for the whole "beatin'-up-Rhianna incident." We don't doubt he feels bad about his misbehavior. But doesn't this all hang together nicely? Hey-- it worked for T.I., so I suppose Brown can't quite be blamed.

We've made our opinions on the matter pretty clear-- that Brown should be reviled not just for beating up his girlfriend, but for the demonstrable stupidity required to mishandle a stone cold fox like Rhianna. But what we see in Brown's eyes as he name checks his mother and his minister isn't the remorse of a reforming woman beater. It's the fear of a rich guy staring down the barrel of two felony counts, and the anxiety of knowing that his ass is in a sling.

Sorry, Brown. If you were really sorry, you wouldn't be talking on Youtube, and you wouldn't have let your lawyers keep you from saying your girlfriend's name. That's just not what sorry people do.