Chris Brown pleads "not guilty" in felony assault charge


Surprise, surprise-- deposed R and B wunderkind Chris Brown has pleaded not guilty to two felony assault charges against his girlfriend Rhianna. Brown's attorney, Lionel Hutz (pictured) was by his side as he entered his plea.

Brown hasn't got much of a prayer to ride on here. The evidence against him is damning to say the least. But, if TI's recent wrist slapping is any indicator of what Brown faces if convicted, Brown has little more to fear than a little daytime trash detail.

If convicted, Brown could face anything from simple probation to 8 months in prison. Smart money is on the probation-- Brown has already launched the public apology and the charity work, and these acts of contrition will certainly go the distance when... er, IF the trial reaches a sentencing.

Of course, those are just the punitive measures Brown faces in the legal system. In the court of public opinion, Brown will go down as the dimwit boob who smacked up the most beautiful woman in the country, joining ranks with Warren Moon, Bobby Brown and Phil Spektor. Hey, at least he'll be keeping good company.