Chooglin', 'You Sucked the Life Out of Me'

Welcome to the first installation of what is going to be a more-or-less daily exercise in giving you, the City Pages reader, a brief yet powerful audio-visual dose of high-quality music across all spectrums of fame, genre, region and era. For the most part, I'll be focusing on stuff you might not know about -- or, failing that, stuff you know in a new, different or otherwise strange context -- along with a few heads-up bulletins on some of my personal choices for artists and bands to go check out when they come into town.

Let's kick things off with something local, and maybe a bit familiar -- in this case, Minneapolis' own Chooglin'. Picture what punk rock would sound like in 1978 if it was a subset of the era's boogie-rock and proto-metal rather than a repudiation of it, and you've got a start. Then again, you could put on your copy of the MC5's Kick Out the Jams and get another, somewhat more concise start. Call Chooglin' the TC4+4 if you're so inclined, though it's more a ballpark figure than a direct comparison: "You Sucked the Life Out of Me" is a pedal-down blast of heavy rock that threatens to shear apart in a nitro-fueled explosion, but it clicks with a funk-band tightness, especially as the core guitar-guitar-bass-drums group is augmented by the four-piece Horns of Eleganza. Another mark of quality: the entirety of the song's lyrics during the middle stretch is "yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah". (Warning: this video may not be suitable for people with epilepsy or other conditions stemming from super-jittery, quick-cut editing.)