Chooglin' in France: Captured in 3D!

It wasn't just wine and freedom fries that kept the Chooglin' boys going on their recent trip through France. By all reports, from the band's tour blog and from the fans who saw them, there was a heavy dose of rock and roll ambassadorship going on as the band blazed through each town.

Now, thanks to the internets, there's a fresh new batch of video documentation coming from France to prove it.

With some high tech production and admiration for the Minnesota band's efforts you can see Chooglin' in 3-D! Do we even have this technology over here yet? This is so advanced I wasn't even prepared to watch it. I mean, most of us don't really have a pair of 3-D glasses just sitting around. I had to pull out my copy of the Knife World record with the red and blue eye socket inlay to get the full effect here. Pretty awkward but totally worth it!

Chooglin' live at Saint Ex in Bordeaux in 3D:

From the Ninkasi Kafé in Lyon:


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