Chicago's Justin Long DJs Familywerks party tonight

Chicago's Justin Long DJs Familywerks party tonight

Justin Long is to DJing as cult movies are to modern film. He is always incredibly entertaining to watch and is celebrated by countless fans, but has not enjoyed nearly as much critical claim as he's deserved --  at least, as far as the U.S. is concerned. Long is quite a big deal in Europe (a line we would use to pick up chicks, if we were him), and his style is often compared to that of fellow Chicagoan Derrick Carter, although he's much more into acid house and Switch-style beats these days than upfront house music.

(Editor's note: You should know by now that we're not talking about the actor from the PC vs. Mac commercials or that incredibly annoying movie "He's Just Not That Into You.")
After a canceled flight due to it "hailing balls" (Long's quote) in Chicago, the DotBleep/Smartbar resident picked up another flight and is determined to make it to the Twin Cities tonight. It's also interesting to note that this is the first Familywerks party since their mega huge raves back in the '90s, the last of which Long played in '99 (or, almost played. We can't remember when the police showed up). If you're not into super-mega-epic trance (and the patrons that come with it) and will thus be skipping the Paul Van Dyk show tonight, this is an inexpensive alternative:

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