Chicago loves Craig Wright's Grace

As rave reviews go, they don't get much more ravier than this, about Jungle Theater grad Craig Wright's latest play Grace. Writes Chicago Sun-Times critic Heidi Weiss: First question: "Why isn't Craig Wright the talk of Broadway, with his name right up there in bright lights alongside those of, say, Edward Albee, David Mamet, Martin McDonagh, John Patrick Shanley, Richard Greenberg and the rest? By any measure his plays are as sharp and provocative as theirs. Yet at least until now, his work has been consigned to the regional circuit -- by no means a lesser place, but somewhat less noticed.

"Second question: Will 'Grace,' the sublimely acted, hypnotically directed drama that opened Wednesday night at Northlight Theatre, be his big commercial breakthrough? It certainly deserves to be.

"This is a darkly comic, eerily tragic, wholly timely play. It dives headfirst into questions of faith and religion (not necessarily the same thing at all). It explores the nature of those often deeply painful partners: love and change. And it leads us into the realms of time and space through the use of purely poetic language. What's more, Wright does all this in ways that are at once profound and dangerous, epic and personal. And, as he demonstrated in an earlier work, 'Orange Flower Water' (seen at the Steppenwolf Garage), he is one of most searing and incisive observers of male-female relationships, faithfulness and broken faith."