Charlie Parr has 13 new songs to record and sink to fix

After entertaining local audiences at Grand Old Day as well as on a short Midwest tour with O'Death, celebrated Duluth bluesman Charlie Parr used a somewhat unexpected (for him, at least) medium to communicate his future plans with his fans.

Parr took to Facebook yesterday to post a rather endearing note concerning the new songs he's written recently, some live shows he's got coming up, as well as the home improvement tasks he's in the process of fixing up.

According to the post, Parr has 13 new songs written, but he's canceled the recording dates on three different occasions for reasons he doesn't quite reveal. He also disclosed that he's opening for Trampled By Turtles tonight at the Big Top Chautauqua in Bayfield, Wisconsin, as well as having a few other Minnesota dates scheduled before he heads out West on tour in July and August.

Parr's charming little soliloquy starts like this:

So Frank told me the other day about a friend who had a big task that needed doing, but instead he kept focusing on little things and never got around to the really big job. He could finish these little chores, see, and was scared about failing at the bigger important one.

Then later the next day I was replacing the wax seal on our toilet and it hit me: Frank was talking about me. Maybe he wasn't really, he's a wise man and probably a lot of folks ask his advice, but he was describing me right now. I have 13 new songs written, and I've made and canceled recording dates 3 times.

In the meantime I've done almost every little job around this house and made up a few to do, and then moved on to doing a bunch of stuff around my Mom's house too. All this stuff needs to get done, granted, and I'm the one who likes to do it, but I'm putting this other thing off. Frank was right.

Here's to hoping that Parr doesn't continue to put "this other thing off" for very much longer, and finally records those 13 new songs and eventually shares them with his fans. As for his live performances, in addition to the opening slot for Trampled By Turtles tonight, Parr has a few other shows planned over the next week as well. He took a moment to tenderly thank his fans, as well as let them know when and where they can see him next:

Anyway, one thing I haven't been doing is this computer stuff. But I want to say thanks to everyone coming out to these shows lately, it was great being back at the Paramount after 40 years (saw a Disney film there when I was 5) and really, really enjoyed playing shows with O'Death, they're fantastic.

Emily and I are headed out to Amazing Grace tonight to play some old songs with 4 Mile Portage and then we'll all be playing an opening set for Trampled By Turtles at Big Top on Friday. Saturday it's the Barn Fire Benefit at KAXE in Grand Rapids at 4:00 and next week Mikkel and I are playing the Cedar Cultural Center's patio on Thursday and then I'm heading for La Crosse and the Root Note. Hope you all are well, stop by a show if you can. Meantime I gotta fix the sink.

The free show at the Cedar Cultural Center's outdoor patio is on June 21, and Parr also is taking part in the Twin Cities Roots, Rock and Deep Blues Festival at Patrick's Caberet on July 14. Parr is also part of the stellar lineup that Minnesota Orchestra has assembled for their Big Gig at the Ted Man Concert Hall on July 15, featuring Jeremy Messersmith, Halloween, Alaska, and Solid Gold.

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