Chariots reunion tonight at Turf Club

Chariots reunion tonight at Turf Club

The reign of Chariots, the oddly hard to define local marriage of metal, punk, and grind, was brief, bloody, and thoroughly badass.

The band was cut down in its prime with the departure of guitarist Eric Odness to New York City some years ago, but it's still not uncommon to catch the band being spun on local radio, or to spy one of their shirts in the divier dives in the Twin Cities.

Tonight, Chariots ride once more. Weak ears, brace yourselves--Travis Bos hasn't lost so much as a decibel on his patented scream.

Marijuana Death Squad, performing with Skoal Kodiak's Freddy Votele.

Chariots have brought a legion of fearsome supporters with them in their return to the throne, and not a one of them will give your battered ears a moment's rest. Between the screech and boom of noise punks Marijuana Death Squad (who will shame the entire town if they don't get a mention for Best Band Name someday), and the oppressive drone of longtime vets Seawhores, whose constantly fluctuating sound image currently resides somewhere near depleted uranium on the table of mass and density, this is an asphyxiating, panicky show that hurts so good on your mollycoddled eardrums.

It's rare for a midweek show to run to such a deafening extreme--Tuesday is usually a day devoted to softer pleasures.

But fuck that. This is a show that soundchecks on 11 and performs on 21. And like all things that make you wince and cringe, let us assure you--it's good for you.

21+. 9:00 P.M. $6.00. Turf Club, 1601 University Avenue, Saint Paul.

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