Cellists party, too: Former SPCO musician busted with 113 pounds of weed

They copped his nugs!

They copped his nugs!

Hero cellist David R. Huckaby, formerly of the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, was busted by the fuzz for possessing 113 pounds of party supplies — aka sticky weed. 

The good-timin' Juilliard grad was stopped for speeding last Friday in central Oregon when cops narc'd his stash. John Law is now sitting on dank nugs valued at $226,000, according to buzz-kill authorities. Oregon has chill recreational weed laws, but Huckaby's doob pile far exceeded the legal limit. 

Huckaby, 33, packed concert halls — and bowls, bro! — with the SPCO from from 2009 to 2013. He took the party to southern Cali shortly after quitting his starched-collar gig in St. Paul. 

"From turntable concertos in Carnegie Hall to string quartets in local bars, he is continually searching for new and interesting ways to connect with audiences," reads Huckaby's crispy SPCO bio. "Once the cello goes in the case, David enjoys reading and watching movies."

So. Fucking. Chill. 

Huckaby was convicted of drunken driving in Ramsey Country in 2010, illustrating the comparative dangerousness of The Man's chemical of choice. Legalize it!