Celebrity Blogging: That's Edutainment!

A few choice URLs for those who like it when celebs confess.

Formerly Rosie: Disjointed free verse from Rosie O'Donnell. The constant references to "yellow" (Rosie's term for "well-being") lend this blog an unsettling, cultish tone. But Rosie is still an outspoken crabapple and therefore, worth reading for her frequent celeb-on-celeb digs. Kirstie Alley got served!

Avalon: The magical world of Melanie Griffith. Recovery-speak abounds, as do messages from fans praising her "fantastic breasts." The legacy of Milk Money lives on!

Elyse Sewell: The bewitchingly verbose LiveJournal of everyone's favorite former America's Next Top Model contestant. No, really, read it. Anyone who would describe a Cadbury Creme Egg as "the body of Christ filled with fondant sugar" doesn't deserve to look nearly so coltish.

The Fishbowl: Not so much a blog, but a place where washed-up former reality stars (not Elyse Sewell) hang out and grouse about their nonexistent career prospects.

Hallewood: Halle Berry comes off as slightly unbalanced in her infrequent postings to this site. Would you wear pajamas purchased for you by a group of fans referring to themselves as "The Groovers"? I'd bury 'em.

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