Celebrity auction action: Dorothy's dress, Johnny's mic, and Entwistle's skeleton

Actually, Who bassist John Entwistle had two skeletons, which he supposedly used for "pranks," and they have both been put up for auction by his family (except for his 80-year-old mum, Queenie, who finds the whole business too upsetting). It's doubtful they'll get anywhere near the high bid amount paid for the blue-and-white dress worn by Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz-- it just sold for $252,000, nearly four times what was expected. Still, the celebrity collection that might hold the most auction riches is that of Tonight Show host Johnny Carson, whose desktop microphone recently went for over $50,000. There are plans now to sell his original desk this fall; if it's a success, too, don't be surprised if they try to sell the invisible golf club he swung at the end of his monologue.


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