Celebrate Women in Music comes together at the Amsterdam

Where would we be without women in music?  Specifically, where would we be without the women in the Twin Cities music scene?  On Wednesday, the Amsterdam Bar and Hall will be hosting Celebrate Women in Music, an event that aims to shed light on the hard work and talent of some of the more influential females in our music community. 

When asked how she decided on a lineup for the evening, Kate Galloway, who produced Wednesday's event, says, "What influenced the process most was I knew that these particular women would be able to provide the information that people trying to break into the industry are after. I also wanted a fairly wide spectrum of representative jobs, experiences and musical styles. On a more personal level, most of these women directly impacted my experience in the entertainment industry so I knew they would be open to helping others who are now in the position I used to be in -- just trying to make it."

Hard work and smarts are essential when making a name in for yourself in the music business, as is overcoming stigmas that are either perceptions or truths. Galloway shares that, "Certainly there are pervasive stereotypes about women in music and some do us no favors to eliminate them, but most women I've encountered are whip-smart and the absolute best at what they do, probably due in part because they have to work a bit harder than the average guy to excel. That's no different than any industry, really. I think the performers, however, are the ones that really get hit hard with the stereotypes, mistreatment and labeling. Bands with women are rarely able to get away with just being called a "band" -- it always has to be qualified as a girl band, and too often looks are then more important that the music. Overcome is a big word. I think women in music are just dealing with those things as best we can."

Celebrate Women In Music from MSB Richfield Creative Media on Vimeo.

Without having to break into a Spice Girls song, this kind of empowerment can only be a positive and enlightening experience. "I don't know anyone who wouldn't want to hear from Sonia Grover about how to book a show at First Avenue or find out from Andrea Swensson how to get press coverage. In that way, this event is very inclusive to anyone with music aspirations, both behind the scenes and on stage," Kate concludes.

The full lineup includes:

Hosted by Barb Abney (DJ - 89.3 - The Current)

Sonia Grover (Talent Buyer - First Avenue)
Christy Hunt & Arzu Gokcen (Von Bondies, Pink Mink, Selby Tigers)
Kim King (Talent Buyer - The Fine Line, Tour Mgr Soul Asylum)
Maggie Macpherson (Event Planner, Artist Mgmt)
Holly Newsom (Zoo Animal, Amsterdam Bar and Hall)
Heather Ross (aka Desdamona)
Alison Scott (Nat'l touring artist)
Andrea Swensson (Music Editor - City Pages)

6:00 START - The evening will kick off at 6:00pm. The first special musical performance features Alison Scott and her band. Her newest release, Chinese Whispers has just been picked up for national distribution and Alison has shared with Gimme Noise a special downloadable holiday song in advance of Wednesday's show.

I'll Save Christmas (Til You Come Home) by Kevin Bowe

PANEL - Audience members will have an opportunity to ask questions directly to some of the most influential women in the Twin Cities entertainment scene.

MUSIC - Special sets from Holly Newsom, Desdamona and Pink Mink will round the night off.

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