Cee Lo Green deletes homophobic Tweets, says he's quitting Twitter, then deletes Tweet saying he's quitting Twitter [UPDATED]

The Tweet Cee Lo Green doesn't want you to see.

The Tweet Cee Lo Green doesn't want you to see.

Cee Lo Green has become the latest celebrity to stick his foot in his mouth with an insensitive remark on Twitter, and this time it was directed at City Pages music editor Andrea Swensson, who tweets and blogs as Gimme Noise.

It all started this morning when Swensson panned Green's lecherous stage patter in a performance opening for Rihanna. Green apparently didn't take kindly to Swensson's review, and lashed out on his verified Twitter account.

But this is where it gets weird, because Green apparently thought Andrea was a homosexual man. And it has now mushroomed into a national controversy that had Cee Lo first apologizing and then deleting all his recent tweets.


Here's the part of the review that Cee-Lo found so off-putting:

"Do you realize I'm just foreplay for Rihanna?" Cee Lo Green asked the near-capacity crowd, taking a break from his lackluster set to attempt to rouse the bored audience. "Rihanna's gonna fuck you," he said. "I'm just here to get you wet."

Gross, Cee Lo. But thanks for sharing.

Cee-Lo has since deleted the tweet that responded by calling the reviewer "gay," but we have the screengrab:

Bad idea. Wasn't it just this week that Tracy Morgan had to apologize numerous times for a joke that he would kill his son if he were gay?

This afternoon, Cee Lo apologized to the gay community on Twitter, even invoking two members of his team on The Voice, one of whom leapt to his coach's defense.

Just moments ago, Cee Lo deleted all of the tweets, including the apologies. Now his last post is June 15--two days ago. Obviously, someone from the PR department got to him and told him to delete everything.

Luckily, we took screenshots.

And here is Cee Lo Green's quasi-apology to the gay community:

An especially choice tweet was one in which Cee Lo confirmed that, had he realized Swensson was female, he would have "hit on her" instead:

Now Cee-Lo has posted his last tweet announcing he is quitting Twitter:

We'll see if it gets addressed on the upcoming episode of The Voice.

UPDATE: Now Cee Lo has deleted the Tweet where he said he was quitting Twitter. Somebody in his camp really needs to physically pry him away from his computer/cell phone before he Tweets and Deletes again, because this is getting ridiculous.

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