Cause Spirits and Soundbar launches $25,000 crowdfunding campaign


The next couple of weeks prove to be crucial for the long-term survival of Cause Spirits and Soundbar. The Lyn-Lake venue closed in mid-July after five years in business, but earlier this month owner Mike Riehle said they'd fight for their right to stay open and be back by early September.

Part of the plan to get the club back on its feet is an Indiegogo campaign to the tune of $25,000. "We are willing to work harder than ever to restore what we had," it reads. "And to make it even better so that we can continue to earn your business and faith, and never have our backs to the wall again."

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The money will be spent on actual structural improvements to the space, including a new PA, and put toward mounting day-to-day bills.

From the Indiegogo page:

The Plan:
*Replace existing sound system with a new PA
*Repair and refurbish the live music stage
*Refinish the existing floors to preserve them through future wear and tear
*Service and maintenance of restrooms
*Patio improvements in furniture, lighting, music, etc.
*Restore the jukebox to its former glory as a curated homage to free music
*Restock food and spirits and keep current with utilities that have continued bills despite the venue being temporarily closed.

Donation levels start at $15 and can net you concert tickets, "I Helped the Cause Comeback" T-shirts, and your name on the Hall of Heroes. Even a custom Cause guitar built by owner Mike Riehle can be yours if you decide to drop $5,000 into the bucket. The campaign will run until the end of September. Learn more and donate below.

As of now, Cause has not announced an exact date for when shows will resume, but we'll let you know as soon as that information is public.

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