Cause Spirits and Soundbar is not dead

After closing in mid-July, Cause Spirits and Soundbar is set to return in just a couple of weeks. The local rock venue had just celebrated its five-year anniversary at the intersection of Lyndale and Lake, but those shows turned into farewell soirees once its imminent closing was announced. A new sports bar tenant called the Iron Door was reportedly set to make drastic renovations and move in.

In a dramatic change of plans, Cause is still alive and kicking, and could be back open for business by September 1, the Current reports. Owner Mike Riehle says that he's only made a five-year dent in a 15-year lease on the space, and he decided to push back against pressures to close involving "a dispute that I'm not at liberty to talk more about."

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The final nights of Cause this past July were decadent affairs that suggested that there's a ton of love left in the Twin Cities for this venue.

Recently, the #FightForYourRight hashtag has been the call to action for the resurrection of Cause, and this sign (pictured) was posted on the venue's door.

-- CauseMPLS (@CauseMPLS) August 8, 2014 Riehle's plan in the very near future is to use crowd-funding to get the bar and restaurant back in motion. Over the next couple weeks, he's working on starting fresh in a space that needs a new staff, repairs, and a good cleaning. He told the Current that business was good at the time of Cause's closing, "up 10 percent" from the year before. With school back in session in a couple of weeks, some folks might not even realize it was ever gone.

Calls to venue staff were not immediately returned. We will update this posting with more information as it is received.

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