Cause Spirits and Soundbar is closing

Cause Spirits and Soundbar is closing
Photo by Erik Hess

The celebration of Cause Spirits and Soundbar's fifth anniversary in Lyn-Lake will be a bittersweet one. The bar and club has announced that it will be closing following its weekend birthday celebrations July 10-12.

Members of the Cause staff confirmed that the closure is happening via email, but did not elaborate on what would become of the space.

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This is the email that was sent out by booking manager Noah Paster:

Hello friends, bands, MCs, press, etc

It deeply saddens me to announce that Cause Spirits & Soundbar will be closing on July 13th. The last show will be our 5 year closing out party on July 12th. If you had a show booked after the 12th, we regret to inform you that the show won't be happening. We certainly wish we had more answers for you but unfortunately we are being shown the exit after five tremendous years.

The shows booked before July 12th will remain the same and we will have standard business hours. Thank you to everyone who's made this job such a great experience for me these last few years. Cause was my home, my family, and I was happy to help organize the music programming.

- Noah A. Paster

"Super huge bummer," says BNLX's Ed Ackerson, who helped put on BNLXFest I & II shows there the last couple Novembers. "I have been a big supporter of that club from the start and this is really sad news. Mike Riehle, the owner, is a really nice dude, not to mention Noah Paster and Chris Dorn with all of their work there to make it a cool place for indie bands."

Originally called Sauce, the space was forced to change its name in 2010 when Sauce Pizza opened in the area. The moniker allowed the club to keep its signage by swapping two letters.

What are your favorite memories from Cause over the past five years?

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