Cause Spirits & Soundbar is becoming a sports bar

The Uptown/Lyn-Lake area is officially losing one of its most prominent (and legal) sources of live music. Plans were revealed this week to turn Cause Spirits & Soundbar into a sports bar in September.

In late June, it was announced that Cause (formerly Sauce) would close following Saturday night's show celebrating the venue's 5th anniversary. Black Diet's Jonathan Tolliver wrote a heartfelt farewell to the venue, and many held out a tiny sliver of hope that the place would still carry on its live music tradition in a different form. But we now know that the intersection of Lyndale and Lake will come to be known for brews, sports on TV, and... just glance over at the condos up the street to figure out the rest of the equation. See also: Cause Spirits & Soundbar: In memoriam reports that a couple managers from Mac's Industrial Sports Bar are behind this new venture. Around the beginning of September, the space will be known as the Iron Door Pub, which suggests that they'll be replacing the glass ones currently in place.

Co-owners Dan Fehrenkamp and Clint Matiska "plan to knock out the wall separating the bar and venue side, add plenty of TVs and bump up tap beer offerings from six to 24."

Remodeling is expected to begin not long after the ringing in our ears from Saturday night's show subsides.

Attempts to contact staff at Cause were not immediately returned, but we will update this story as new details come to light.

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