Catwalk Confessional p.VI is posted in our gallery section


Part six of Catwalk Confessional

, Mary O'Regan's online diary about her experiences modeling for tonight's Voltage fashion show, is now posted in our

gallery section

. In this episode, Mary joins the rehearsal to run through her steps on the tricky zigzagging catwalk. An excerpt: "The choreography gets even more complicated during Anne Selden's set. Walk to the end of the runway; pose; exit; walk to the end of the long segment; remove jacket; pose; switch positions with model on right; pose; exit. If I can successfully complete this routine, I deserve $10,000, my own fashion spread in


magazine, and an appearance at New York's Fashion Week. (I'll settle for not looking like the slow kid in the school assembly.)" Check out the series here:

Part I


Part II


Part III


Part IV


Part V


Part VI


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