Catwalk Confessional p. III is posted

class=img_thumbleft>Part three of Mary O'Regan's online diary of her experiences modeling for the Voltage show next month has been posted. In this segment, Mary visits local designer Kerry Riley, founder of Red Shoe Clothing Co., at her home studio to discuss preparations for the April 11 fashion blowout: "Going national is typically the next step once a designer finds local success. Some, like Riley's pal, designer Katherine Gerdes, turn to reality TV. 'Since Project Runway's been on, my friends have been bugging me to go do [it]. I've always said no' Riley says, flattening down a seam. 'I think the challenges sound really fun, and I think that'd be a great thing to do, but I'm not interested in doing that on camera in front of millions of people.'" Click here to check out part three.