Cat power

Never before has artwork faced so much competition for attention from the gallery it was displayed in. The first night of Jim Grafsgaard's new exhibit, which runs through Valentine's Day, coincided with the grand reopening of the Smitten Kitten at Lake and Lyndale. (The feminist-owned sex shop was originally located in south Minneapolis.) Patrons munched on appetizers catered by a self-proclaimed "chef/pervert," while perusing Grafsgaard's comical black and white ink drawings and Technicolor paintings. They also browsed over dildos shaped like Jesus, Mary, and, for those looking for a little more girth, Buddha. Despite the store's distractions, Grafsgaard's work couldn't have picked a better showroom. Like the Smitten Kitten, his doodles reveal a playful openness when it comes to sex. Plus, he offers something for all erotic tastes. I personally find the drawing of a teenage girl squatting over a mirror and exclaiming, "Oh boy! Boobies!" a bit ostentatious. I'd opt for something a little more understated--"Dong Bouquet" perhaps.