Carrie Underworm makes Sesame Street debut

Carrie Underworm makes Sesame Street debut

No, I'm not making up a snarky name for Carrie Underwood even though, a song or two excluded, her music's kinda a bunch of humdrum hooey. There's a new worm in town on Sesame Street, a worm inspired by American Idol-alum and country superstar Carrie Underwood!

Big news, I know.

"Carrie Underworm," the newest character to take up residence on our favorite street, makes her debut today singing the Underwood-recorded "Worm Anthem." If you missed it today, subsequent appearances are planned for March 17, April 8 and April 26. Here's Underworm/wood singing the ditty to Jeff Gordon. Not that NASCAR fans likely intersect with Underwood fans. No, not at all. Don't make no sense at all, darn it.

Carrie Underworm
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With a history spanning over 40 years and 4,000 episodes, this isn't the first time the children's television show has reached to country music for inspiration and special guests. Some highlights:

Big hair, big boobs. Polly Darton is every bit as artificial as her namesake.

A Dylan-esque figure has escaped to the city; he and his country-bumpkin counterpart compare notes.

Johnny Cash sings to Oscar the Grouch about being nasty...

...then Ronnie Trash teaches us about keeping things clean.

Band you've never heard of, The Deadly Nightshade, at the true height of their career. Deadly Nightshade, eh? "Hey kids, stay away from belladonna, but enjoy some Deadly Nightshade."

Telly acts out a Randy Travis tune.

Tom Waits, er, Cookie Monster, laments the loss of his cookie.

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