Carrie Underwood is a fakir!

NEway I am almost tired of American Idol. I am tierd of babyish shows.I am 10 now and that is a tween. I really want to go see The Ring 2, but my mom says no. I said "PLEASE mom, I am older now! I am not chicken like I was when i saw The Ring One." And she said "Amelia you slepd with the lights on for 2 days after you saw that movie. You would not even watch All That with us because you thought jamie lynn spears would come out of the TV." But I was 9 then! There is a big diffrence between 9 & 10. Like now I know how to do this: & &&&&&&

Ill show her how mature I am. I will vote 1000000 times for Contsnatine to show her that I am grown up. Also I will stop falling asleep during grownup shows like Veronica Mars.



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