Caroline Smith renames herself Your Smith, announces new music

Your Smith

Your Smith Quinn Wilson

Renaming yourself mid-career has become kind of a Minnesota music tradition.

Last year Haley stopped using her surname. This year ZuluZuluu became Astralblak. Maybe you can trace the local custom back to when Prince replaced his name with a symbol. (Bob Dylan doesn’t count because he ditched “Zimmerman” before anyone knew who he was.)

Anyway, there are probably 30 other examples I’m forgetting, but let’s get to the breaking news already: Caroline Smith has renamed herself Your Smith. Here’s what she had to say about her rechristening on Twitter:

OK, the news isn’t really that breaking. Smith has conducted a sort of soft rollout of the name on social media; she was billed as “Caroline Smith (Your Smith)” at a May show at the Cedar. But now it’s apparently official and, as she says, forever.

Smith lives is in Los Angeles these days (another Minnesota music tradition) but we won’t hold that against her. She also announced that she’s releasing new music—her first under the new name—on June 29, a week from Friday.