Carnival green screens and junkyard mosh pits in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos

Step right up with the Jorgensens.

Step right up with the Jorgensens. YouTube

Appreciate it while it’s here.

The joke about Minnesota summer is that it’s only a week away from winter. Between the mosquitos and roadwork, there’s so much taking away from the fact that we’re hurtling toward the summer’s too-soon conclusion. On Thursday, it’ll be August, and you’ll be buying your kids new backpacks and wondering how the fuck we got here.

I wish I could say that taking the time to watch five local music videos could slow it all down, but I’m an optimist, not a fool. It definitely won’t hurt, though. Savor a few moments with the local scene before you step out the door to confront the desperation of linear time—at least you’ll enjoy a few moments in the spiral.

The Jorgensens – “Goin' Goin' Gone” (PREMIERE)

Americana rock duo the Jorgensens' new album The Lexington Stretch is bound to be a good-timin’ stomp much in the spirit of a ’70s variety show. But the Jorgensens bring a little more of that down-home grit than, say, the Osmonds, and their new song “Goin’ Goin’ Gone” is a bluesy farewell tune written with a grin. Their release show is September 14 at Como Park Pavilion.

Blvck Madonna – “Raw”

There’s no greater therapy than getting loud and destroying some property. In the new video for Blvck Madonna’s single “Raw,” the alt-rockers gather in a junkyard to unleash some tension. In the shadow of a Winnebago, Blvck Madonna mosh out, sledgehammer in hand, and video director Smoke Signal Productions shoots the scene in black and white, evoking the song’s name in every shot. 

The Cult of Lip – “A Glow”

The Cult of Lip’s debut EP Sleep Receiver was named this year’s Best EP by a venerable local publication, but if you needed more evidence that the spaced-out grunge band rips, check out the new video for EP single “A Glow.” Sleep Receiver was recorded directly to tape, so the band decided to shoot “A Glow” on tape as well, a quality that’s evident from the hectic editing and vintage feel. The images might not make sense out of context, but the Cult of Lip claims that “A Glow” was specifically formulated to help lure viewers into a dreamlike state. Sweet dreams, video fans.

Tape Tension – “With Our Eyes Closed”

Tape Tension found inspiration in Decorah, Iowa. Jack Ross brought his one-man project to life deep in the forested region known as the Driftless Area, yet “With Our Eyes Closed” feels very much adrift, as Ross wonders about a relationship he was reluctantly forced to cut short. “You're both stuck just aimlessly exploring other people,” Ross explains, “But [it’s] pointless when you're really just waiting for things to come back around with that person.” Sounds like a reason to run away for a while.

Lake Avenue – “The Good in Evil”

Rock band Lake Avenue is caught in that quintessential struggle between light and dark. The video for “The Good in Evil” starts in the pews of a church, but with this level of moral tug-of-war, who knows where it will end? Matt Ayers and Dena Denny direct a crisis of faith that eventually bursts into a brief moment of clarity, capturing the anguish and elation along the way. “The Good in Evil” is from Lake Avenue’s April record Hell or High Expectations.

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