Carnage's comic-laced "Respect the Name" video debuts, plus an interview with the star

Last week, Carnage the Executioner unveiled the title track from his forthcoming full-length, Respect the Name. The song itself is "ripped straight out of your favorite '60s heist caper," but little did we know that the video accompanying the track has a bit of throwback flair too.

In a video premiere on Gimme Noise, we get to see Carnage star in a Sin City-style comic thriller directed by Arlo Myren. Ill Chemistry partner Desdamona is his sidekick, and a wealth of local rap luminaries show up in the supporting cast. Among them, Atmosphere's Slug is the pugnacious Governor of Anarchy, and Prof plays Sir Bling Rap King Wack. Enjoy, and stay tuned for an interview with Carnage himself.

How did you decide on the comic book imagery theme?

Carnage: I have always been fascinated with animation and comic books. I was VERY into the Transformers as a kid and not a huge collector of comics, but the ones I did have were mostly Transformer comics. A lot of people think I got "Carnage" from the Spiderman series, so I figured it would be a good idea to both feed into that belief AND make MY OWN lane as far as a comic for a "NEW," different Carnage to emerge and thrive in. It was my director's idea to make it look like Sin City, and I agreed that that movie looked cool, so we went with it. Didn't really know how it would turn out, but it turned out great, from what people are telling me! And...It might be a slight dream of mine to have my own comic book.

Who is your favorite superhero? Villain? And why?

I don't have a favorite superhero or villain. There are many I like for different reasons. I would say I like the Transformers characters more than any I like from the human/mutant world. I simply LOVE the Transformers and much of how I come up with sayings in my raps with what is identifiable as tough and harder-edge comes from my connection to Cybertron's natives as a youth.

What are your magical powers?

In human form, I have the power of making hip-hop music from scratch with no instruments and making it sound as close to instrument-composed music as can be humanly achieved. I think people got a taste of it with the Ill Chemistry album and seeing me live, and are gonna be given more of it on my Respect the Name album on even another level.

I possess the power transformation -- turning non-believers into believers, human sounds into relatable music and good to bad -- and vice versa. More on that in the answer to the next question.

Are you on the side of good or evil or both?

I have been dubbed as both a "Machine" and a "Beast". I would say I am an equal balance of both depending on who is viewing or what the situation is. I make sounds that sound as though they were computer-generated with the help of my "MUSICAL WEAPONRY ARSENAL" (pedals and use of my body as an instrument). The pedals and studio-engineered audio effects are executed via my vision and tools I use to enhance impact of the abilities I already possess.

As an other-worldly being, I am the "Soul Snatcher." I collect souls and store them in an alternate dimension for future "use." Anyone identified as unworthy of worldly existence is subject to immediate termination via contact with The Executioner's Ax (pictured at right) or life force extraction via tractor beam that draws the essence from the body without touch or contact. So my double-dimensional character is Carnage The Executioner.

I would say I am ALMOST an equal balance of hero and villain -- it depends on the day and the situation. I am totally against the abuse of women, children, animals and anyone who is otherwise not properly equipped to defend themselves against those who use their power to bully or dominate. I also have an everlasting goal of ridding the world of music that doesn't inspire, lacks creativity and/or makes the achievements of the pioneers and innovators appear less important than they are.

Carnage's comic-laced "Respect the Name" video debuts, plus an interview with the star

But I am kind of a vigilante and I take the "law" (or breaking of it to get desired results!) into my own hands. My goal is defend the less fortunate and destroy the obstacles that prevent mine and their advancement -- by all means necessary. Sometimes its an overkill situation -- other times, whatever "force" I use is justifiable. I am also a balance of the "struggle" to become something more than what I have been at any point in time: my upbringing was not a good one and I vowed to break all the negative cycles that plagued my life and still haunt me to this day as I travel the path of personal growth. Some of my "demons" lead to transgression and my reverting back to use of aggression to "make things better" in ways that align with the constant battle to find a balance between using my "powers" for good and bad, but, I will ALWAYS be a work in progress! I strive to do good and sometimes it backfires!


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