Canterbury Park revamping to accommodate more festivals


Shakopee racetrack and events center Canterbury Park is developing a new 28-acre site on the north end of its property that owners say will allow them to host more events like this summer's Soundset (May 30), Lilith Fair (July 18), and Warped Tour (August 1).

"The new location will help to minimize the impact these events have on our neighbors due to the lower elevation of this area and the fact it is located further from residential areas," says Canterbury President Randy Sampson, in a press release. "We've received positive feedback from the community, especially the business community."

Sampson says the new area, dubbed Canterbury Festival Fields, will open to door to more than just music festivals, as they are planning to develop "a wide variety of unique events that we previously were unable to host due to lack of space and limitations on dates due to conflicts with our live horse racing schedule."

Canterbury will debut the Festival Fields with Soundset 2010 on Sunday, May 30.