Can't you smell that smell?

Ronnie VanZant returns from the dead to become the next American Idol

Not even a deadly plane crash can stop a good ol' boy from Jacksonville, Fla. Almost 30 years after his death, the Lynyrd Skynyrd frontman has apparently tunneled his way out of his grave and into the hearts of Simon, Paula, Randy, and millions of Americans to become the mic-stand-slingin' hearttrhob of this season's American Idol. Reliable Sources (TM) say the singer had to change his name to Bo Bice for legal reasons, but otherwise, the formerly dead Southern man has been perfectly preserved by his years spent under America's finest soil. (Lord knows, he can't chaaaaaange.) For proof, click on his before-the-crash picture here, and his back-from-the-grave picture here. Sing it real purdy for Alabamy, Ron...I mean, "Bo Bice."

Update: Ronnie reunites with his band, but the angels weren't listening.

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