CANT finds common ground between Grizzly Bear and Twin Shadow


With so many independent labels releasing so much music these days, it's not as easy as it once was to associate the name of a label with a certain aesthetic or rely on a label's name to determine the quality of music being distributed. But for whatever reason, I've found myself returning again and again to Warp Records over the past two years as a resource for consistently inventive, high-quality releases, from Brian Eno to Ganjasufi to Flying Lotus. So even though I wouldn't necessarily consider myself a Grizzly Bear fan, the new project CANT from Grizzly Bear's Chris Taylor caught my attention because his forthcoming full-length is being picked up for national release by Warp. Color me intrigued.

[jump] As it turns out, CANT not only features the songwriting and layered singing of Taylor but was also recorded with the assistance of George Lewis Jr. of Twin Shadow, and the new single "Answer" is an unlikely forging of the two bands' sounds. CANT might appeal more to fans of Twin Shadow's vibey synth work and dance beats than Grizzly Bear's rock and folk influences, though there is enough overlap that it could appeal to both camps.

Listen to "Answer" here:

CANT's full-length debut, Dreams Come True, will be released in the US on Taylor's Terrible Records on September 13, and everywhere else on Warp September 12. You can catch CANT live in Minneapolis on October 15 at the 7th St. Entry, around the same time that damn near every other touring act is aiming their GPS at the Twin Cities.

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