Canadian Rifle release Facts EP

Canadian Rifle release Facts EP

On the heels of their full-length Visibility Zero, Facts is a new ep from the DIY Chicago three-piece Canadian Rifle. The 7" is a three song noisy punk affair.

The a-side, "Blank Trade" pummels with Nick Donahue's big drums, guitarist Jake Levee's coarse vocals, and an aggressive, angry tone. Levee's voice may lack range, but his inflection carries the melody in a well-worn, hearty way that gives a relatable feel. It's lumbering, but melodic through the conviction in his delivery. Big guitars complement the driving beat and, after the lyrical wrap-up, Levee concludes with a solo that offers a little light and the end of four minutes of dark-toned aggression.

There are two b-sides, starting with "Choke on Foam," a hardcore song that starts with more big drums. Here, the guitar features more traditional power chords, sandwiched in a verse-chorus-verse structure. The b-sides utilize a similar style to "Blank Trade," but with a sped-up approach as the band bludgeons through two short, fierce songs. With only three members to flesh out the sound, the band uses careful restraint to sculpt noisy aggression as artistic statement, using inflection and even vocal-to-instrument balance to convey its melody.

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