Camp adventures, secret histories, and anti-agoraphobic dance routines in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos

Yam Haus

Yam Haus

The Japanese call it momijigari. Minnesotans and New Englanders call it leaf-peeping. I call it a waste of time and energy.

Fall foliage is in full regalia right now, and the sweatered masses are headed Up North to catch an eyeful of the reds, yellows, and oranges. Besides being a waste of gas, leaf-peeping is great evidence that people need more constructive things to do with their time.

Forget trees. Forget their skeletal branches, their brittle, fire-tempting bark. Spend your weekends at the clubs supporting the local bands forced to compete with seasonal Instagram surges. Peep this calendar, then peep these videos, peeps.

Yam Haus – “Simplicity” (PREMIERE)

Why fight what feels right? There’s a bliss to overcoming your cynicism and giving yourself to someone completely. Yam Haus’ new single “Simplicity” pays tribute to the moment that you let go of yourself and say yes, falling into something new without the worry of what comes next. It feels like being young again, so the happy-go-lucky pop crew go back to summer camp in the song’s video, reveling in big wheels, fishing lessons, and games of catch because that’s the only way to demonstrate their giddiness.

Fathom Lane – “Eye-Oh-Way”

“Eye-Oh-Way” is one of the most ambitious videos we’ve featured in Local Frames this year. It took a team of directors and filmographers to bring the short film Fathom Lane video to life. “Eye-Oh-Way” was shot all over the Driftless Region, especially Ferrier’s hometown of Plainview, and it tells the story of two lost wanderers names Sarafina and Lane. The pair meet in a bar and talk about the tragic, mysterious odyssey through South Dakota, Indiana, Iowa, and Minnesota that brought them together. 

The Nunnery – “Proud”

The Nunnery will be starting a residency at Icehouse on November 5. Every Tuesday after dinner, you’ll be able to catch big-lunged folkster Sarah Elstran’s soulful solo act. But what if you’ve got anxiety or agoraphobia and can’t seem to pass the threshold of your front door? Well, Elstran has just the cure in her new video for “Proud.” The self-directed video comes from a place of deep acceptance. As Elstran bikes around the city, she’s joined by more and more people braving the day. Congregating in the park, they join together in a liberation dance, not a sign of apprehension in their faces.

Genesis 651 – “Kid N Play”

Much like the ’80s rap duo their new song is named for, Minnesota-by-way-of-Illinois group Genesis 651 like to mess around, but that’s only until it’s time to make some money. The new video for “Kid N Play” takes you through a day in the pair’s life chasing down bread. Director Endlessvisiion documents the action, from a breakfast of bread and syrup to an evening in the club. Clout Lord provides the beat, which has enough of a hint of New Jack swag to tie it back to the song’s title.

Alex Mulholland – “Hurt”

You might know Alex Hulholland as the lead singer of metal band Embrace the Ending, but the Rochester musician is going solo. “Hurt” is Mulholland’s heartsick first single, showcasing the singer-songwriter’s reflective, countrified new direction. Directed by Wondercloud Media, the video is a simple story of yearning. Mulholland watches from afar as the woman he loves sabotages herself with a man who doesn’t deserve her. She walks down the road shell-shocked, eventually finding her way into Mulholland’s arms.

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