Camera Can't Lie release music video featuring Minnesota military families


Minneapolis-based Atlantic Record signees Camera Can't Lie just sent us their new video for "Days & Days," and it comes with an intriguing background story. The video features a collection of Minnesota families who have sent soldiers to Iraq, holding up photos of their loved ones and writing down how many days each soldier has been away. 

Camera Can't Lie bassist Kyle Lindsay explains that the concept for the video was inspired by his personal experiences. "This hits me close to home because my brother-in-law Ryan is in the Marines and has already served one tour in Iraq," he writes. "There is always that uncertainty of how he is doing and when he will be coming home. While there the vehicle he was driving ran over an IED (improvised explosive device) and which ejected him and those in the vehicle 10-15 feet in the air. His injuries sustained put him in the hospital and thankfully after a week of recovery he was alright. Others as we know are not as fortunate."

"One aspect of this war that is not talked about enough is the families involved," he continues. "They are a rare breed that endure the highest levels of anxiety and uncertainty, all the while having a deep sense of gratitude and pride."