Calling all music writers: City Pages wants you


Are you a music obsessive, one hoping to shed equal light on the majesty of Metal Machine Music and the societal importance of Carly Rae Jepsen?  

Do you spend hours on Genius, spreading annotated wisdom about Vince Staples, Missy Elliott, Micranots, and Drake?

Do you aspire to write the thinky-est Bieber think piece the world has ever known?

Are you sitting on the Great American Listicle? 

If you answered "yes" to those questions (or even if you didn't), then City Pages wants you! CP is seeking adventurous and mirthful freelance writers to cover the Twin Cities music scene and beyond. Interested parties should:

  • Be curious, funny, and eager to share unique points of view.
  • Be bored with boilerplate music journalism, especially beat-for-beat concert reviews and band profiles. 

  • Care about the broader culture of music fandom as much as the details concerning [insert buzz band]. 

  • Provide clean copy and a religious adherence to deadlines. 

The pay? Pretty shitty! But our readership is vast, feisty, and hungry for innovative and insightful music writing.  

Interested? Send an email to music editor Jay Boller ([email protected]) introducing yourself, and be sure to include your resume and clips.