Calling All Metalheads: Surly and Muddy Waters Want You

Can you name this guy, for example?

Can you name this guy, for example?

Muddy Waters is aiming to become a metalhead lair on Monday, January 19, with the fourth annual Heavy Metal Trivia night.

Co-hosted by Dillinger Four guitarist Billy Morrisette, who is also bar manager at Muddy Waters, and Surly brewery operations director Todd Haug, who plays guitar in Vulgaari, the night offers heavy metal music, trivia, and a screening of cult classic Heavy Metal Parking Lot, a 1986 documentary filmed in a the parking lot of a Judas Priest concert.

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Past Heavy Metal Trivia evenings were catered to devoted metalheads, but this year the hosts are trying to bring it to a more universal or casual fan level. "One of my personal favorites to ask about is Norwegian Black Metal because it's so dramatic," says Haug. Instead of exhaustively identifying all past and present members of Iron Maiden members, the goal is to keep it competitive between novices and the experts.

"It will be more related to '80s classic metal that you hear most often in movies and on the radio," Morrisette says, hinting that photo identification will play a role. While this year's questions may feature fewer British and Norwegian references, it's still about serious metal. "You won't find a lot of Nickelback or Creed questions," Haug adds.

The night starts at 8 p.m. with a 30-minute DJ set from Muddy Waters and Surly taproom employee Tanner Klouda, playing a mix of metal styles from his "record collection to rival anyone."

Surly owner Omar Ansari and head brewer Todd Haug

Surly owner Omar Ansari and head brewer Todd Haug

The music will segue into trivia at 8:30, followed by airing the film, which is roughly 15 minutes in length, at 10.

Surly will also have several beers on tap at the event, including Furious, Mild, Hell, Bender, Pentagram, Eight, Damien, and Doomtree.

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