'Cake Eater Anthem': The viral rap song that defines Edina

Just another day in Edina

Just another day in Edina

At face value, "cake eater" might just suggest someone who digs scarfing on cake. In the Twin Cities, however, it's a loaded term used to punch up at the blue-blooded residents of Edina, Minnesota. 

The Edina experience has never been put to song — until now. Created by hockey website Game On! Minnesota, viral spoof "Cake Eater Anthem" sits at more than 83,000 YouTube views. 

"This is an ode to the small town on the West side with a dream: Edina, Minnesota," reads the intro to the video released last Friday. "Haters gonna hate, but the message is simple: Life's too short to be a LOSER." 

From there, we get a breezy rap track straight outta the 1-percenter 'burb: The day-drinking trophy wives; the brand allegiances to BMWs; the obsession with hockey. It's likely the first hip-hop song to name-check Minnesota puck greats Curt Giles, Tom Chorske, and Brian Bellows.

"My friends all know that I'm cool / I've been this way since high school / 'Cause life's never been sweeter, when you're just a cake eater," Alex Frecon playfully raps in the chorus to "Cake Eater Anthem."  

When asked about his personal thoughts on Edina, the Minneapolis-based rapper offered the following: 

"Sure, my two cents: 1) The origins and current allegiances of Tom Chorske remain shrouded in mystery; 2) Adam Banks is the greatest Cake Eater to have ever lived."  

While "Cake Eater Anthem" pokes fun at Edina, where the median household income is 29 percent higher than the rest of the state, it doesn't come off as mean-spirited; we could see the Hornets co-opting this as a genuine anthem. Check it out below.