Cabooze presents all your favorite country clichés this weekend

Cabooze presents all your favorite country clichés this weekend

Yeah, I'm a fan of Faulkner books, and anything my mama cooks, smallmouth bass have got me hooked on Sunday afternoons.

Hell yes I love my truck, but I want you to know, honey I love your love the most.

I'm a big fan of lyrical clichés in country music, though perhaps it's kinder to call them archetypes, and Eric Church employs pretty much all of them in his song "Love Your Love the Most": Beer, barbecue, honky tonks Nascar George Strait scuffed-up boots tore-up jeans four-wheel drives dogs Jack D but Faulker, Faulkner, when did country music go literary?

The Cabooze drives home the fact that it's one of the few places in the city to hear all your favorite country clichés with its two-day festival "Little Country in the City," featuring Church on Friday and Trent Tomlinson (who's always kinda looked to me like Springsteen and Little Stevie had a love-child and brought him up on Garth Brooks in the back of their tour bus) on Saturday.

Cabooze presents all your favorite country clichés this weekend
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If you prefer to hear your country in the country, the Riverside Country Music Festival is a good three hours up north of here, just south of Virginia, with a handful of current Top-40 acts including Tomlinson,
Ashton Shepherd, Heidi Newfield, James Otto as well as veterans Restless Heart, Blackhawk and Little Texas.

I'll be missing both festivals--time to travel home to South Dakota to hit the Brown County Fair with my brother and sister. Heidi Newfield will be there (who, along with Tomlinson, must be hitting the festival/county fair circuit pretty hard about now), but I'm most excited to see Luke Bryan tonight, who, speaking of country music clichés, has "hands, rough not soft, to come and warm you up up in that cold hayloft," and who furthermore can grown his "own groceries and salt cure a ham." But my favorite lyric:

"I've got a Jeep, with camouflage seats, that way nobody sees us parked back up in these trees. Your little iPod is loaded down with Hoobastank don't be a tape player hater, girl, were cruisin' to Hank."

Hoobstank? Tape player hater? Who is this guy, and is he married? (I checked; yes, he is, and with a child. Dang.)

And one last thought on country clichés, like, you know, gettin' down the fiddle, gettin' down the bow, kickin' off your shoes and throwin' 'em on the floor; keep Mel McDaniel in your thoughts this weekend, who was rushed to the hospital this past week after a benefit was held in his honor in Nashville.

McDaniel suffered a heart attack in June and for a short time thereafter was held in a medically-induced coma. He had been recovering since 1996 from a near-fatal fall into an orchestra pit during a performance in Lafayette. The Opry member, whose hits include "Louisiana Saturday Night" and "Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On," has been in a rehabilitative care center since late July.

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