Buy local music via Bandcamp this Fri. to benefit the ACLU: 14 recommendations

ZULUZLUU at First Avenue earlier this month

ZULUZLUU at First Avenue earlier this month Mike Madison

The morning after Donald Trump's election victory last November, the website of the American Civil Liberties Union lead with a post titled: "If Donald Trump Implements His Proposed Policies, We’ll See Him in Court."

During his first two weeks as president, Trump has, in fact, implemented his half-baked, plutocratic, fear-slathered agenda with shocking expediency. Since Saturday, the day the White House sloppily rolled out its don't-call-it-a-Muslim-ban, the ALCU has received more than $24 million in online donations; it received just $3.5 million all of last year. 

Which brings us to music. Bandcamp, one of the leading online music stores/streaming services for indie artists, announced it will donate all of Friday's proceeds from music sales to the ALCU

“We at Bandcamp oppose the ban wholeheartedly, and extend our support to those whose lives have been upended," Bandcamp founder/CEO Ethan Diamond said in a statement, adding, "[The executive order] is not simply immoral, it violates the very spirit and foundation of America.”

So yeah, let's buy some music!

Culling from our annual best-new-band survey -- Picked to Click 2016 -- and our recent crystal-ball forecasting -- 10 Minnesota artists poised to pop in '17 -- here are 14 Minnesota music recommendations for your pro-democracy shopping spree. The six excluded acts don't appear to have Bandcamp pages, but if they launch ones, we'll add 'em to the list. 

ZULUZULUU -- "Future-minded, genre-twisting 'producer supergroup' with a name that represents black power stacked atop black power."

Tony Peachka -- "Though they bill themselves as a band that makes 'angry pop songs,' Peachka balance all that post-grad indignation with a sneering, instantly recognizable sense of humor. They’re a pogo-dancing portrait of just how clumsy and hilarious your early 20s can be."

Fraea -- "They call it 'shadow pop.' We call it sexy as fuck."

Color TV -- "Color TV’s self-titled debut is a blistering exercise in dumb fun, brimming with enough bombast and DIY swagger to liven the dingiest of Minneapolis basements."

Ness Nite -- "A sleek, intimate mix of hip-hop, R&B, and soul that shares commonalities with the likes of alt-R&B star SZA. At times, her beats even evoke the electronics of Lorde."

Finding Novyon -- "Novyon says he knows being the punchline MC with the anime fixation might curb his appeal. But his personality is what broke him out, and now he’s staking his career on it."

Dizzy Fae -- "She enjoys being compared to Sade, but says most people arrive at FKA Twigs. Her favorite comparison? 'I prefer when people compare me to a feeling.' If Fae’s music is a feeling, one might call it a bittersweet longing, a deliciously foggy angst. Her voice is hazy, wizened, and soda-fountain sweet."

Royal Brat -- "'Shouting until you’re red in the face can be really therapeutic,' explains Royal Brat vocalist Alex Uhrich. That description perfectly captures the raw, untamed urgency of his Minneapolis garage-punk trio."

Lunch Duchess -- "The four-song grunge-pop effort is a cathartic lark tracing [Katharine] Seggerman’s raw spectrum of emotions. Rhythmically, the songs have a mellow waltz vibe, eliciting a timelessness, a generation-spanning charm. The grungier elements come courtesy of guttural guitar licks and synth layering."

Another Heaven -- "An even more industrial and apocalyptic take on [Hollow Boys and Murder Shoes'] legacies."

The Controversial New "Skinny Pill" -- "If the Controversial New ‘Skinny Pill’’s jangly, psychedelic, party-starting LP Location! Location! Location! from December had been released two months earlier, there’s no doubt the gonzo four-piece would’ve made our annual Picked to Click roundup."

Fiji-13 -- "Deadpan fuzz-punk that paints the patriarchy in ridiculous strokes of thumpy bass and coarse vocals."

Lazy Scorsese -- "Despite the group’s cheeky moniker and wry outlook on life, Lazy Scorsese are formidable mood makers with surplus depth."

Sunless -- "The Twin Cities is often cited as a hotbed for unsigned metal bands, but the genre is so clandestine it’s hard to tell when one band rises above the rest. False destroyed that mold with 2015’s Untitled, and now melodic growlers Sunless seem poised to follow suit."