Buy lederhosen, chandeliers and more at Lorie Line's epic estate sale

Lorie Line

Lorie Line

For any young girl who grew up taking piano lessons in the Midwest, the words “Lorie Line” mean something to you. They mean the sometimes-schmaltzy covers and original pieces you spent hours learning to play. They mean the cassette tapes your mom kept in her car. And they mean the annual pilgrimage to Lorie’s spectacularly showy Christmas concert with your die-hard fan grandma and collecting Line's limited-edition jingle bells. Countless brides have walked down the aisle to Lorie’s songs.

Lorie is a Minnesota institution. We love her. We always will! She is a Real Minnesota Celebrity, even though she’s from Nevada. It just wouldn’t be the holidays without a Lorie Line show downtown. (She got her start playing the piano during the holidays at department stores.) Some of us still sit down to bang out a few Lorie classics on the piano when we're home to visit … OK, I’ve had her version of “Moonshadow” memorized for about 10 years now.

Want a piece of Lorie? She’s hosting a two-day estate sale in Maple Plain, Minnesota, and unloading some of the costumes, set pieces, and instruments from her holiday tours. You want custom-made leather lederhosen for you and your friends? She’s got them. Need fabric, or perhaps a chandelier? It’ll all be there, waiting to enhance your home with its history and beauty. If anything, tell your grandma to go, but don’t ask my grandma to tell you the story of how she once spoke to Lorie Line on the phone; you’ll be listening to her for at least an hour. You can view the items for sale here

The warehouse sale goes down 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Thursday and Friday at 5130 Industrial Way in Maple Plain, Minnesota. 

In 2012, Lorie and her husband, Tim, faced foreclosure on their 9,000-square-foot Orono mansion overlooking Lake Minnetonka. They squeaked by and the house is safe, though it is still listed for sale at $4 million (scroll down to the listing for 4415 Forest Lake Landing here). Don’t leave us, Lorie!