Burlesque of North America: Best Print Collective 2009


Somewhere out there in this great continent of ours, there is a naked troupe of dancers getting their nipple tassels tangled over Mike Davis's naming of his print company, Burlesque of North America. Probably. It's a hot image, anyway. Truly situated at the epicenter of Twin Cities street art culture and respected around the country, Davis' Northeast print studio is home to the best street art in the Twin Cities. And for our mini Best Of the Twin Cities video tour, it was hands down our favorite stop, uncovering another reason to be proud we live in this creative city. To the hip-hop acquainted in the Twin Cities, Burlesque is no secret. Davis and his studio partner Wes Winship have been designing and printing the greatest fliers and posters for local rap shows since the early '00s -- hitting quite a milestone when Wes designed a flyer for the Obama campaign last year (pictured above).

Davis showed us the poster (and a few more) when we stopped by for a tour of his studio (located in the basement of a clay manufacturer) last week. Check it out -- and don't miss his glockenspiel serenade at the end!

In case you missed the Best Of writeup, here it is.