Bump and groan: R&B's all-time most sexually explicit jams

Bey can't believe this list!

Bey can't believe this list!

“All she needs is a man like me / who can give her love / and leave it in.”

According to R&B legend Ginuwine, one of his children is really all his partner needs to be happy, so he “leaves it in” after sex as requested. At least that is what counts as a true act of love on the "Pony" singer's new single, "Leave It In," which caused a stir and some confusion when it dropped earlier this week. 

This isn’t the first explicitly sexual R&B song. The slow and sexy genre sure does know how to get the mood going for most, but Ginuwine's recent gift reminded us of a few other gems. 

'Too Close' by Next

Local threesome Next had a breakout hit with the single “Too Close” from their 1997 debut Rated Next. This song makes us wonder how many instances the members had with “feeling a little poke come through” while dancing that they had to write a song about it? Hope they’re proud a song about accidental dancefloor boners is part of their legacy.

'I Hit It First' by Ray J

Poor Ray J is always on a quest to remain relevant. His 2013 single, “I Hit It First,” is probably his most desperate attempt. It's obvious he's singing about his ex/sex tape co-star Kim Kardashian when he belts out, “she might move onto rappers and ballplayers / but we all know I hit it first”. We don’t care, Ray J, and it's very concerning you still live in 2007. Please stop.

'Freak Like Me' by Adina Howard

Adina Howard is a woman that knows what she wants. And according to the lyrics of her 1995 smash hit “Freak Like Me,” that’s a “freak in the morning, a freak in the evening, a roughneck brother that can satisfy me." We can’t blame her for being direct and really hope she was able to find what she was looking for.

'Bump n Grind' by R. Kelly

This song probably has the best opening line of all '90s R&B songs when R. Kelly screams, “My mind’s telling me no / but my body’s telling me yes!" In this eternal sex jam, he’s convincing his partner that there’s nothing wrong with a little sex — she needs him because he knows exactly what to do when it comes to bumpin' and grindin'! She would be wise to believe him, as he did build an entire career on that premise.

'Pussy Is Mine' by Miguel

Leg-dropping crooner Miguel politely asks his partner to tell him the “Pussy Is Mine," and even if it really isn’t he’s OK with her lying! He moans, “Tell me that the pussy is mine / I don’t want to believe that anyone is just like me” throughout the song. It’s a weird one for sure, almost like an interlude that went on too long. Also, for what it’s worth, begging for ownership of someone’s genitalia is never a good look.

'Partition' by Beyonce

Queen B has always been sexy, but her lyrics got super sexy on this 2013 track from her self-titled album. In the second part of the song she describes sex in a car, and during the hot and heavy session her partner “Monica Lewinsky’d all on my gown” — oops!

'Marry The Pussy' by R. Kelly

Kells deserves another spot on this list for his 2013 hit, “Marry The Pussy,” from his highly acclaimed album Black Panties. This ode to the vagina is so terrible it is actually pretty great, and we’re pretty impressed with how polite he is about this sex proposal. Our only question is whether the woman the pussy is attached to is also getting a ring? Please advise, Kells.

'Peaches and Cream' by 112

112 scored a Grammy nomination with this ode to oral sex that debuted in 2001. The smooth quartet sings, “I need it cause you know that I’m a fiend." Before this song came out they were a nice, sweet, and romantic boy band. They soon learned they had to sex it up and they sure did.

'Touch It' by Monifah

Monifah moans through this hit from 1998, asking, “Do you really wanna touch it / do you really wanna fuck with me tonight?” Can you imagine going up to someone and asking that? Most of us aren’t that direct, but good thing for her there is a pretty agreeable man featured in the background of this song and he seems pretty down to touch it.

'Knockin’ Da Boots' by H Town

Houston trio H-Town made their hometown and namesake proud with their 1993 debut single, “Knockin Da Boots." During the intro we’re told they’re doing this one for “all the ladies,” of course. They’re giving us some sweet love cause somebody’s rockin’ knockin’ da boots! This song is not only catchy, but also very hilarious, so thanks to H-Town for their song about keeping your boots on during intercourse.