Building Better Bombs tonight at the Turf


Building a better bomb is harder than it looks, evidently.

It's been a long time since he rocked and rolled. Well, locally anyway.

Stefon Alexander, better known as P.O.S., has just returned from about a hundred months of non-stop touring. He hit Europe and both coasts of the continental U.S. (with the Warped tour, natch).

Will we even recognize him? Has he grown? Sprouted new limbs? Who knows-- but the omni-talented hip-hopper is headlining the Turf tonight with his storied and outstanding hardcore outfit, Building Better Bombs, a band so vital that they could just as easily be the international commodity that P.O.S. is, were it not for Alexander's crowded social calendar.

Alexander's multi-tiered success is a testament to the vitality of our music scene at large. We're not New York City or L.A., folks, no matter how hard we might wish and pretend. It's a market small enough that a casual observer might expect some homogeneity in our sonic output.

But rapping isn't enough to satisfy people like Alexander, nor Alexei Casselle of Roma di Luna, who also fills the bill. Casselle raps in Kill The Vultures (another local band that has gone trans-continental), but in Roma di Luna, along with his wife Channy, he prefers a sound that is decidedly more eclectic and antique, a creaking, rust-flaked vintage of Americana that is at once sweet and eerie.

In essence, tonight's show at the Turf is your best way to spend $4.00 on a lowly Wednesday. with Communist Daughter and Ela rounding things out, prepared to have your midweek be decidedly more crowded and stimulating than you would have guessed.

21+. 9:00 P.M. $4.00. Turf Club, 1601 University Avenue, Saint Paul.