Buffalo Moon walk like Egyptians in new 'Moses Baby' video

In what looks like a Bollywood take on Egyptian history, Buffalo Moon took the opportunity to show off their tongue-in-cheek side in the new video for "Moses Baby," which just dropped today. 

The video stars lead singer Karen Freire (who also directed the vid along with Kevin Horn) as Moses's mother Jochebed, who sends her little baby down the river and then goes off to hang with some breakdancing pharaohs. The whole thing gets pretty trippy by the end, but it seems to complement the band's shambolic psych-meets-samba music quite well.

Buffalo Moon - "Moses Baby" from moon glyph on Vimeo.

For more on Buffalo Moon, check out the profile we ran in last week's paper to preview the release of their new LP, Selva Surreal.

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