Buffalo Moon heat up, tour with Chelsea Boys

When we wrote about the brand-new Buffalo Moon back in April we expected their halo to grow with the mercury, and it absolutely has. While there's no lack of chill around the town these days, Buffalo Moon's tech-licked bossa mundo is a singular vibe of salt-flecked hipshake, a balm to burned fish bellies. And it's getting them some due attention.

Their cassette Wetsuit, released by Moon Glyph, is long gone (though the self-released CD version is still available), its follow-up 7" Black Magic / Low Tide Moon (also on Moon Glyph) is set for a homecoming release soon after wrapping up a two-and-a-half week tour with the Chelsea Boys, and just this morning they were written up, via Gorilla vs. Bear, on Pitchfork's new aggregate property Altered Zones. And while the pace at which Pitchfork - especially now via the bleeding-edge Altered Zones - casts their massive spotlight on still-maturing bands seems dubiously healthy (in order to sustain revenues grist must be ground at lightning speeds, a basic fact of web publishing in 2010), judging by Buffalo Moon's output, confidence, and general demeanor (check their Facebook) we're sure they'll be more than just fine, though they are exactly that. Fine.

Buffalo Moon kickoff their tour this Thursday with mates Chelsea Boys at Club Med, probably a little later than 10PM. You can learn all you need to know at their Facebook page, including tour information, releases, and some great Youtube excavations.

Buffalo Moon, "Low Tide Moon"

Buffalo Moon heat up, tour with Chelsea Boys

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