Buffalo Moon get blipanema

Buffalo Moon want to hear you swoon
Buffalo Moon want to hear you swoon

I am sad I didn't get to see Buffalo Moon play at the quickly-defunct Glitterboxxx, as their sound would have been perfect for the high-ceilinged chillfest the space provided. Minneapolis may have a South American flag carrier to call our own.

A five-piece who play a synthed-out sorta bossa nova, as tart and smokey Karen Freire coos around the groove. They have good taste in music/weather juxtapositions which is good news, and are releasing an album this week that may be the soundtrack to many a summer twilight.

Buffalo Moon release "Wetsuit" at the Bedlam on Friday with the excellent Chelsea Boys, The Golden Bubbles, and what will probably be a mega-zoney Daughters of the Sun DJ set. Get your sandals on.

mp3: Buffalo Moon, "Poolside Dreaming"

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