Buffalo Moon brings samba soul to the Cedar tonight

Buffalo Moon brings samba soul to the Cedar tonight
Photo from Radio K

This weather is reminding me a lot of being back home in Texas. With heat indices hitting 110 degrees yesterday, there's no better way to (slightly) cool down than with a nice, chilled drink on the Cedar Cultural Center's patio while rising local band Buffalo Moon belt out their samba-infused tunes.

The quintet effectively describes their sound as "South America meets South Dakota," the state where the majority of the players hail from. It's a realistic comparison: with slightly less of the untamed tones bossa nova might inspire, Buffalo Moon manages to maintain a Midwestern charm with that instantly recognizable South American allure. Furthermore, most acts in the Twin Cities are not making music like this, propelling the band to the forefront of what would be an awesome musical movement for this pocket of Minnesota if people would push past any reluctance and just take the leap into this adventurous sound.

Listen: Buffalo Moon, "Jamba Samba"

Either way, Buffalo Moon is still flying under the local radar even after bouts of recognition on national music blogs and their cassette tape release on the wonderful Moon Glyph label. So do yourself a gigantic favor and take a breather from everything. Seriously- with all these weekend festivals, the weather, and a demanding work-week which prevents you from being outside, the least you can do for yourself is sit down and relax already.

If you still need more persuasion, here you are: 1) Buffalo Moon's show at the Cedar is free and doors are at 6PM, 2) Golden's Deli is catering alongside beer specials from Rush River Brewing, and 3) They are awfully damn good. Seriously.

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