Brynn Andre on her Christmas EP Let it Snow, out today

Brynn Andre on her Christmas EP Let it Snow, out today
Photo by Athena Pelton

Thanksgiving is a mere 48 hours away, and if you aren't already in the holiday mood, we have just the thing to get you there.

Local singer-songwriter Brynn Andre releases a Christmas EP today called Let it Snow, featuring Andre's take on the classic title track, plus two original holiday jingles, the sweet up-tempo "Everything On My List" and the New Year's Eve ballad "Chandelier." Let it Snow listens like a sugary guilty pleasure, as Andre's folk-pop voice sticks like glittery frost to the holiday scenes she sings about. 

Gimme Noise caught up with Andre on the ideas behind Let It Snow, recording with some notable Twin Cities musicians at the Library Recording Studios, and what's next on her list.

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Gimme Noise: Tell me about the songs. "Everything On My List" and "Chandelier" are brand new songs from you -- how did they happen?

Brynn Andre: I wrote "Everything On My List" last year kind of by accident. I was playing holiday music, and I think holiday music for everyone is kind of a magical thing. I was living in Loring Park at the time, and everything is really picturesque with the cathedrals and the fresh snow. I think this time of year is really important for Minnesotans, especially, because it helps us get through the winter. I was just feeling grateful and happy for everything.

GN: Tell me a little more about "Chandelier."

BA: I like that one because I think it's just a snapshot in my mind of a New Year's Eve and what it's like to be a girl. You're out with someone special and you want them to think that you're going to be the best-looking girl in the room. It was kind of a confessional style of songwriting, and that's new for me. I've been experimenting lately with writing in different styles.

GN: Why did you decide to do a Christmas EP?

BA: Two things: It's so fun to put out new music, and I hadn't done anything for a year since my record release [in August 2011]. It was such a fun thing. Working at the Library studios is a great thing, too, and I had never gotten to work with Matt Patrick [of the Library], and he brought it the most amazing musicians and we did great things. I wanted to go far with the songs and challenge myself, and it was really cool. I should mention that it was co-produced by Matt Patrick and Troy Groenke.

GN: Who were some of the musicians you worked with?

BA: I had Jake Hanson [on guitar], Luke Anderson [on drums], and on keys I had Joel Wiens. I just got lucky because of Matt. He pulled in [Jake and Luke], and I was a little bit star-struck because I'm a big fan of Haley Bonar and Solid Gold and Halloween, Alaska. They kind of came up with genius moves on the fly.

GN: Cool. Do you have any favorite holiday memories?

BA: Well, I think the magic of watching the first snow is always a favorite. I'm from North Dakota, a really desolate place, but around the holidays it makes everything look so pretty, and I just remember feeling really cozy.

GN: This is your first release in over a year, since your self-titled LP in August 2011. What else are you working on right now?

BA: I feel like I'm getting close to another body of work, and I'm really excited to actually stay in Minneapolis for this one--I went to Nashville for the last [record]. I'm really excited for the evolution of my songwriting and the evolution of my life.

You can catch the Let It Snow release party with support from Kind of Incredible, Business Man, and Dane Owen on Sunday, December 2, at Honey Lounge in NE. Doors 6 p.m. $10 cover.

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