Bruce Springsteen gets own street, weekend in St. Paul

Bruce Springsteen gets own street, weekend in St. Paul
Photo by Danny Clinch

And they're not even calling it Thunder Road. After a weekend toiling away for the causes of Hurricane Sandy and Barack Obama and finally reaching a detente with New Jersey governor Chris Christie, Bruce Springsteen is touching down for a weekend here in the Twin Cities.

In conjunction with performances at the Xcel Energy Center on Sunday and Monday, St. Paul mayor Chris Coleman has declared November 9-12 "Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band Weekend in Saint Paul," and two local streets will be renamed for the occasion.

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Per a press release, we learn that "Kellogg Blvd. will be ceremonially renamed 'Springsteen Rd.' and West 7th St. will be renamed 'E Street' for the weekend of the performances."

On Friday, November 9 at 3:30 p.m., the old signs will be ceremoniously replaced by Mayor Coleman, Xcel Energy Center's Jack Larson, and other St. Paul business owners. this will take place at Gate 2 of the Xcel, where the two streets intersect.

The release does not say whether or not the Boss and his band will be in the streets of St. Paul (da-da da da da...) for the event, but we'lll update you as we know more.

Tickets for both Sunday and Monday's shows are still available here.

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