Bruce Campbell chats up Minneapolis


Bruce Campbell has played an undead-fighting jackass Ash Williams in The Evil Dead Trilogy, he played an elderly Elvis Presley in Bubba Ho-Tep, and he's even played an 18th century American spy in TV's Jack of All Trades. This weekend, Bruce Campbell will be in the Twin Cities to discuss and introduce his latest film where he plays what is perhaps his most popular character: himself.

More information and clips of some of Bruce Campbell's more awesome moments after the jump.

Check up the awesome set-up for the low-budget classic, Bubba Ho-Tep:

Fun Facts:


  • Despite the film starring "Elvis," not a single note of his music is used in the film. It would have cost the production half their budget to use even one song.
  • The budget for the flick was slightly over half a million dollars, 1% of the average Hollywood flick.
  • Due to camera set-up during an action sequence, Bruce Campbell actually had to relieve himself using a bedpan.

Here's some quality battle scenes from Army of Darkness (clips NSFW):

Fun Facts:

  • That is indeed Bridget Fonda as Linda
  • So that the chainsaw would appear to be running in scenes, a tobacco smoke was run through a tube secured throughout Campbell's costume.
  • The time-traveling Oldsmobile featured in the flick is actually owned by director Sam Raimi. The vehicle appeared in many of his early films.

Bruce Campbell will introduce My Name is Bruce at each screening Friday, Saturday, and Sunday this weekend at shows starting at approximately at 7 p.m., 9:30 p.m., and midnight. He will also do a Q&A following all screenings except the midnight shows. All shows are at the Lagoon Theater in Uptown (1320 Lagoon Ave., Minneapolis; 612.825.6006).

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