Brother Ali writes rap about his Nardwuar interview

Brother Ali writes rap about his Nardwuar interview
Why should people care aboot Brother Ali? For one, this exists. After an engaging chat last year with Vancouver interviewer extraordinaire Nardwuar, Ali decided the experience was so fresh he'd write a song about it. Using some of the records that were used as conversation starters and samples from the interview itself, the rapper came up with an original song titled "Nardwuar."

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With the horns swelling behind him, he raps, "Can't nobody tell you how hot you are when you're chillin' with motherfuckin' Nardwuar." In Ali fashion, this is a tale of his recent history and many of the typical milestones of a successful star redirected through his personal bio.

"I've had the pleasure of being interviewed and featured in some of the most incredible publications but the most entertaining and interesting interviews Ive ever had was with the one and only Nardwuar," Ali says. "During our interview he gave me the original program to a Muhammad Ali exhibition fight in Vancouver and several records. First thing I did when I got home from the tour was listen through the records and make a beat from one of them. I ended up recording this song. Doot doola doot doot!"

Additionally, Ali returned to Seattle -- where he wrote most of Mourning in America and Dreaming in Color -- for a performance on KEXP. The set featuring "Only Life I Know," "Fajr," "Need A Knot," and "Dorian" is up here:

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