Brother Ali, St. Paul Slim, P.O.S. to canvass for Matt Entenza today

What's the correlation with Twin Cities hip-hop artists and the Matt Entenza/ Robyne Robinson gubernatorial ticket? A couple of weeks ago, Sean Daley -- a.k.a Slug from Atmosphere -- released a Youtube video endorsing Entenza, one of three DFL candidates running for next week's primary. Felix from Heiruspecs released a similar video soon after.

Today, Brother Ali, P.O.S., St. Paul Slim and other artists endorsing Entenza will be canvassing for the gubernatorial candidate. While spreading the word on Entenza, they won't be performing.

"Matt's been active in a lot of urban communities for a long time," says Entenza spokesman Jeremy Drucker about the artists' endorsements. "He's worked on educational issues and economic justice issues. And you know, working in different urban communities since his campaign began. He has a relationship with Insight News and Keith Ellison. You know, Robyne Robinson helps."

Heiruspecs endorses Entenza.

The canvass starts at Entenza's St. Paul campaign office. Check the Facebook page for more info. Entenza faces Mark Dayton and Margaret Anderson Kelliher in the DFL primary Aug. 10.

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